A Place to Fall Into (film)
20 min video, full color & sound

This video is documentation of a movement work by Jordan Rosenow presented on June 28, 2018 at the Walker Art Center as part of Terrace Thursdays curated by Jacqueline Stahlmann. A Place to Fall Into was a series of unfixed performances concentrated on proximity, slowness, and the tension between bodies and sculpture. For three hours performers moved at a glacial pace through the building’s terrace, adjacent galleries, and amongst the crowd. Occasionally two performers would cross paths and join for an extended duet before continuing on a solo route.

Performers include Judith Holo Lue Choy, Lauren Coleman, Caitlin Dippo, Malakai Greiner, Katrina Matejcik, Amal Rogers, Jordan Rosenow, and Joél Valdez. Costumes were created by Katrina Matejcik and the work was filmed by Justin Sengly.
A Place to Fall Into will be projected each afternoon and evening, visible directly from the street at 1224 W Loyola Ave while the space itself remains closed to the public. 
Full Video can be viewed HERE​​​​​​​
Hand Washing Movement NYC
Film presented at Roman Susan Art Foundation in Chicago, IL​ in April 2020
On view April 18th – April 23rd, 2020

Hand Washing Movement NYC
Commissioned and created on March 27, 2020 during the first weeks of quarantine in the United States Covid-19 pandemic response. Hand Washing Movement NYC was projected each evening after dark, visible directly from the street.
Full video link,  Video text :
"I am spending quarantine with my girlfriend in our apartment in the Financial District, New York. New York City is being labeled the epicenter for this pandemic in the United States. Cases in the US are now the highest globally. Currently 100,500 cases have been reported in the US with 1,546 deaths. However, due to a lack of testing, we know the infection rate to be significantly higher. My partner and I both became sick with the coronavirus mid-March and our symptoms left a week later. We are grateful to return to full health and our hearts are with everyone who is being affected by this crisis. Today, Friday, March 27th, was the first time we have left the apartment since. The footage was taken midday on a Friday when the streets would normally be packed with hustling people. I filmed in five locations within four blocks of our apartment: Broadway St, Battery Park City, Oculus World Trade Center, the Federal Reserve, and our building rooftop. This movement is thinking about hand washing as both repetitive choreography and, along with isolation, a main defense against this deadly virus. This work was inspired by Yvonne Rainer, Hand Movie (1966).​"
- Jordan Rosenow
​If you're interested in doing more, the New York Blood Center is asking those recovered from COVID-19 to come forward and donate plasma so they can treat as many patients as possible. New York and Chicago are also in critical need of blood, platelets, and plasma donations from the general population. A donation can save up to three lives. For more information and booking appointments visit: nybc.org (New York) or vitalant.org (Illinois, and elsewhere)

"This spring 1224 W Loyola Ave will feature new art installations and video projections while the space remains closed. These works are offered to our immediate neighbors, on view from the street. If you are not able to comfortably walk by our storefront from your residence, please enjoy these works from afar, through our website and on social media."         
Roman Susan Art Foundation

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