We Move Still (2017 & 2019)
A collaboration by April Martin and Jordan Rosenow
35' x 20' x 10' (variable)
steel, debris netting, wind

We Move Still is always moving, breathing, and dancing. The three-story steel sculpture is in a constant state of change as it interacts with the elements. The blue debris netting that fills the structure is commonly used during the construction of skyscrapers. The curtains act as walls that expand and recede when touched by the wind. Space is made slippery. 
In their studio practices, Jordan Rosenow focuses on queering building materials through choreographic gestures and April Martin works with materials that interact with light, heat, and weather over time. Together their work overlaps as performative sculpture, centered around touch. We Move Still is also used as a stage for the public to interact with the sculpture. 
Read more about the project here. See performances within We Move Still here.

To see We Move Still today visit: 
1) Franconia Sculpture Park, Stacey, MN 
2) 3300 5th Street Northeast, Minneapolis, MN
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