Site-specific outdoor sculpture commissioned by Scoville Memorial Library
On view July 9 - October 9, 2022
Closed Loop 
7’L x 5’W x 8’H
PVC pipe, water pump, food-grade plastic container, wood, galvanized strap
Closed Loop, a site-specific sculpture by Jordan Rosenow, is an eight-foot-tall fountain created out of PVC pipe. The sculpture's material properties reference our own water systems as PVC piping is found in most drainage and waste systems in the United States. The title references both the water system of the sculpture and of our planet, signifying the importance of protecting clean water on this earth. Energy to move water through the fountain is gained from sunlight through a solar-powered generator. Visitors are invited to interact with the sculpture by filling it with water from the nearby Wachocastinook Creek. 
Through programming in partnership with the education department at Scoville Memorial Library, children will learn just how connected they are to the Ocean based on geographic location along the Wachocastinook creek, originating on Mt. Riga, flowing into the Housatonic along Salmon Kill, and out into the ocean at Long Island Sound. This sculpture is on the ancestral homeland of the Mohican people. We pay honor and respect to their ancestor's past and present as we commit to building a more inclusive and equitable space for all.
This project was commissioned by Scoville Memorial Library and made possible by the generous support of Friends of the Library (FOL)
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